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Delta robots / Overivew robot technology / emkon. packaging machinery

emkon. packaging machinery: robot solutions

Delta robots – pick and place with high-speed

Delta robots in the packaging machine engineering
Since the turn of the millennium, Delta-robots are used in the packaging technology. They are particularly light and are used in high-speed applications especially. In the mid-2000s, the technology experienced its crucial thrust, when several patents expired and among the pioneers ABB and Bosch Packaging further suppliers like Fanuc, Festo and Adept come onto the market. Beam kinematic system-robots are rated as space-saving due to its ceiling assembly in the machines.  They also impress due to its high freedom of movement with only a low overshooting.

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Upright or in horizontal way: The placing of your products depending on your demand
“Delta robots were most frequently used in the past”, says Jens Hilger, Sales Manager Food/Non-Food at emkon. “To this, we have developed a completely new software, which controls the gripper arm.” The products on the conveyor belt, are recognized by a camera. Via video image the coordinates and angles of the products are detected while the spidery gripper picks up the products and turns them into the right direction. Afterwards, the robot takes the product to a packaging unit and puts it to its proper location, mostly a tray or carton.

“The high performances of the Delta-robots are a big benefit for us. Especially in the field of pick & place units with all our tray packer and carton packer of the FLEXPICK family we are able to reach very high performance levels”, Hilger comments. “In our packaging machine emkon. FLEXPICK this process is done in a closed area. The Delta-robots are located above the conveyor belt and grip from top to the pouches. Parallelly erected cartons are transported next to the conveyor belt and are equipped with single products by the Delta-robots.” One of the special features of the emkon. machine is, that the products can be placed upright or in horizontal way. Also, the conveyor belt can be adjusted to different angles, depending on the requirement of the product. The Delta-robots and the machine are perfectly harmonized.

Delta robots at a glance

  • Very high continuously movement space
  • Usually positioned from the ceiling (space-saving)
  • Agile “spider legs”
  • Very short overshooting
  • Special requirements to the machine frame trough the extreme dynamics of the robots
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