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The Pouchmaker emkon. FLEXBAG WETWIPES
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  • The Pouchmaker emkon. FLEXBAG WETWIPES

Pouch making and filling with non woven wet wipes and disinfectant liquids

Pouch making and filling: emkon. FLEXBAG WETWIPES

The packaging machine emkon. FLEXBAG WETWIPES was especially developed for the health care sector. It is a fully automatic machine to produce pouches like stand up pouches, three- and four-side sealed from a bobbin (flat film). Subsequent the machine equips the pouches with non-woven rolls and showers it with disinfectant liquid.

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Reclosable pouches and tins with disinfectant liquid
Modules for the reclosure, marking, printing, labeling and free form design can be implemented. The modular technology enables a high leeway for individualized modules thus wishes and customizations can be added.

After the filling of the pouches, we have installed a special module: This module contains a sealed in plastic lid (injection moulded part) with oval aperture to dispense wet wipes. The result: Single wipes can be taken out and the reclosure is ensured. The focus is especially on the hygienic aspects and the convenience thought.

Another benefit: The closure mechanism of the plastic lid ensures that the disinfectant-soaked wet wipes do not dry out and volatile substances cannot escape. The filling of the pouches only with a disinfectant solution is also possible. The pouches are able to function as a practical dosage aids or environmentally friendly refill kit.

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The emkon. FLEXBAG WETWIPES: Pouchmaking and filling with non woven wet wipes and disinfectant liquids

Wide variety of formats, forms and liquids
The emkon. FLEXBAG WETWIPES allows various types of pouches: stand up bags, 3- and 4-side sealed pouches can be produced with the machine and afterwards filled up with liquid. The high flexibility and modularity enable the insertion of e. g. plastic tins. They can also be equipped with wet wipes and / or filled with (disinfectant) liquid.

The mentioned pouch formats are manufactured in known modular design on the emkon. FLEXBAG. Optionally they are labeled on the front and back site. Even a both sided printing by Inkjet is possible. Pouches equipped with a reclosure (Zipp closure) can be the alternative to plastic lids. Customized pouch formats and -forms are realized individually.

The different pouch formats with its various filling levels of liquids are controlled via simple format setting. For this purpose, a recipe management is integrated. The handling of the machine takes place through operating panels with pictograms.

Newly developed filling system for the wide range of requirements
The desired requirements regarding the filling unit could not be met by the existing systems on the market. None of the systems had the required modularity and flexibility in terms of handling varying filling quantities, various liquids, and different viscosities. Especially for the emkon. FLEXBAG WETWIPES, a newly developed filler was built and integrated, which additionally prevents the formation of foam during filling by some of the used liquids. Furthermore, the diffusion times of the different nonwoven materials with the various liquids are also considered. The “bottom up” filling which is normally carried out for pouch and bottle filling could not be used due to the nonwoven inserted beforehand – another feature of this filling process.

The newly developed filling system for the nonwoven moisturizing fills the pouches almost dripless with the disinfectant liquid. In the process, filling quantities of 0,25 up to 2,5 liters are filled. Optional multiple filling stations enable the filling of highly viscous liquids into the pouches. Via the multiple filling heads liquids can be mixed or other substances can be added. Due to the fact, that all drivers of the machine are executed according to ATEX guidelines, the filling of alcohol-based liquids is possible. The machine performs 30 products per minute depending on the format and the filling quantity. Special attention was paid to consider the required cleanroom class.

In times when the Sars-Cov2 virus is spreading worldwide, the demand for cleaning and disinfection products is increasing rapidly. Even in the professional sector of hospitals, retirement homes and care facilities as well as among end consumer, it is now more important than ever to ensure the highest possible degree of sterility and purity. We make our contribution with the packaging machine emkon. FLEXBAG WETWIPES.

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