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emkon. Tax Stamp Special: An overview
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  • emkon. Tax Stamp Special: An overview

emkon. TAX STAMP Special

The emkon. tax stamp solutions at a glance

We are working intensively for more than a decade now to achieve even better solutions to apply tax stamps to your packagings. Nowadays we can offer you a solution for nearly every imaginable packaging that needs a tax stamp. Our wide portfolio consists of semi-automatic entry level models like the emkon. EASY TAX as well as future-proof and complex packaging machines like the emkon. VARIOTAX. The newest model of our high-speed model emkon. STAMP guarantees reliable and stable product infeeds by the use of the newest robot technologies. Convince yourself!

The graphics of our tax stamp portfolio is available as high-res pdf for download.

Our entry-level model: The emkon. EASY TAX

With the stamper emkon. EASY TAX we have got a machine in our portfolio which the competition has not. With its low weight and the simple mobility achieved by wheels it provides flexibility all along the line. That also does not end when it comes to the wide product range – bucket, tin, box or pouch – with the emkon. EASY TAX you are able to stamp these products in no time. The time-consuming process of sticking stamps by hand is omitted completely. What is happening instead? The packaging needs to be positioned at a limit stop manually. After that a stamp is applicated by pressing a foot pedal. You can use the EASY TAX either for TPD2-compliant tax stamps but as well for product sealings. Accordingly one of our customers is using the EASY TAX to apply freshness sealings to coffee packaging.

What do our customers like about the EASY TAX?

It is profitable for our customers to use the EASY TAX as their primary tool on their way to a fully automatic stamper but also to test new products or to produce special editions in small numbers. This way the emkon. EASY TAX combines two areas of application which affect both small companies and larger ones. A straightforward handling through proven technology, interchangeable tax stamp magazines in different sizes and an output up to 20 products per minute catapult our all-round talent further to the top of the must-haves ranking. Enjoy our super mobile workstation in use and be inspired by a small selection of usable products.

The emkon. ET-502: Enter the world of fully automatic tax stamping

Built as a full-blooded stamper, the emkon. ET 502 fulfills the highest demands when it comes to square and round tins and buckets. The double lane construction allows an output performance up to 160 products per minute making the emkon. ET 502 one of our high-speed machines. Contrary to the expectations the stamper requires only little space with a footprint of only 4,5 square metres. That makes the integration of this standalone unit into existing lines way more easy. More of the machines' features are the automatic arranging unit for tins and buckets as well as the perfect hotmelt adhesive application for the tax stamp in nearly every desired position. With its simplicity and efficiency the emkon. ET 502 is the ideal basis for the tax stamp application on various tins. There is a close relative in our portfolio with the exact same product range: The emkon. TWINSTICK. A clever combined solution, suitable for many purposes. Maybe for you, too!

The emkon. TWINSTICK – A powerful duo

The compact emkon. TWINSTICK unifies two work steps in one machine: the price sticker application and the tax stamp application to tobacco tins and buckets. The machine combines high precision and high performance up to 160 cycles per minute (with a double lane construction). The automatic orientation of tins and buckets allows a high grade of positional accuracy. The position of both applications can be chosen freely. Of course there is an attendance check via camera for cover, sticker and stamp. The emkon. TWINSTICK automatically adjusts the performance to previous and downstream machines to reduce micro downtimes of a complete line. This stamper is a standalone unit with an integrated electrical cabinet and fits easily into existing lines. The result? High quality products with an optimum of efficiency. See what the emkon. TWINSTICK does in this video:


The emkon. TAX 80– The SNUS tobacco specialist

This stamper is our specialist when it comes to Snus tobacco tins. In order to do justice to the high-quality packaging the precise positioning of the tax stamp is the center of attention for the emkon. TAX 80. The essential basis for this ultimate precision is the automatic tin arrangement by the printmark. Needless to say that this tax stamper stands for the well known emkon. flexibility as well. The tax stamp can be applied with or without perforation and of course in a horizontal or vertical way.


The emkon. STAMP: The fast pouch specialist that misses nothing

The emkon. STAMP applies and checks tax stamps reliable even at a high speed of 160 products per minute. In addition to the high output the machine applies the tax stamps only to pouches that have been checked for the correct weight before. Is the weight beyond the tolerance limit no tax stamp will be added and the pouch will be automatically removed. Besides this standard check there are a numerous other automatic quality checkings possible, such as presence checks via camera or metal checks. All manual interventions become completely unnecessary. With the emkon. STAMP you get all the safety, security and cost-effectiveness you need when you are handling tax stamps!

TPD 2 again a difficult topic in regards to Track & Trace? Not to us!

The emkon. STAMP offers the flexibility to apply tax stamps to side-fold pouches and wrapping pouches in L, U, I and landscape directions. The machine meets all of todays' challenges of the TPD 2. But that's not all. With its modular layout we laid the ground for the track and trace of every single pouch - which is mandatory as another part of the TPD 2 in may 2019. On request the emkon. STAMP can be equipped with a CO² laser or fibre laser. Both are capable to provide every pouch with a track and tracke code to ensure its origin. Prepare yourself for the future before it's too late!

The matters of the operator in mind

A credo for the design of every emkon. machine is the simple handling which ultimately results in motivated operators and reduced downtimes. The emkon. STAMP is no exception to that. The modular layout is not only an insurance for the future and relevant upcoming market conditions after buying but it ensures easy accessibility for operators and technicians. Our operator guiding system helps with quick fault detection and guarantees smooth cleaning and maintenance processes. You focus on the highest efficiency possible? You definetely will love our ready to use and pre-adjusted exchange magazines

Lean back and relax while watching our emkon. STAMP doing his work on a couple of hundred pouches - we promise, it doesn't take long. Here's the video:

The emkon. VARIOTAX: Your loyal companion for the future

Who knows what the future will bring? What legislation dictates and the market demands? Get the future of tax stamp applications today. Because future security accompanied by a performance of 150 products per minute is what the emkon. VARIOTAX is all about. With its unparalleled flexibility of the tax stamp positioning it stands out of the masses of machines. Doesn't matter which box-shaped products (like slide boxes or shoulder boxes) you want to put a stamp on, this machine will do. But it's not just the impressive product variety that convinces. It is the variety of sizes with its guaranteed reproducibility thanks to the spindle-adjustable parameters (length, width, height) as well.

Flexibility – probably the most used attribute in the industry, here it fits perfectly. For the emkon. VARIOTAX it makes no difference on what position and product you want to apply the tax stamp: on the left or right side, on the upside or downside, around the corner or as portrait or landscape version ... the freely positionable I, L, U application of the tax stamp and the variable infeed alignment of the box leave plenty of room for all eventualities. All your boxed products will be stamped reliable, fast and in the best possible way. Today. And of course tomorrow, too. 

A portfolio for all matters of tax stamping. For all further information you may desire please get in touch with our Mr. Fichtler. He will be glad to help you with your selection for the perfect machine.

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