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Scara robot / Overview robot technology / emkon. packaging machinery

emkon. packaging machinery: robot solutions

The scara robot – all-rounder with greatest possible precision

Scara robots in packaging machine engineering
Scara robots are equipped with up to four axles: Three vertical rotate axles and one linear axle – all of them in vertical direction. They have four degrees of freedom and are able to realize a comparatively high motion dynamics and positioning accuracy. The robots are installed on a solid stage and therefore require a higher space requirement than other industrial robots (e. g. Delta-robots). Scara robots do not need a separately machine frame, they are straightly fixed to the ground with a plinth. Opposite to the Delta-robots, the Scara-robots score with better accuracy, higher dynamic, flexibility and partly with higher load capacity. Typical motion sequences are the vertical picking/placing of the products as well as the horizontal transport.

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Also useable in your industry
“In the pharmaceutical sector, we have already used Scara-robots several times”, says Ralf Köster, Sales Manager at emkon. “Mostly, the extremely high dynamics, the high repetition accuracy and, more generally, the stability were the deciding factors for our customers to use the Scara-robots”, says Köster.

The motions are similar to those of the human arms. The links are fixed on vertical axles and work in horizontal paths. Our sachet packer emkon. FLEXPICK SP the gripper takes up the sensitive products synchronized and with maximal performance, turns and stacks them with highest precision. “The compact design with four axles is suitable for applications in the food sector or even for medical products. The closed surfaces of the technology are easy to clean and ensure a particularly hygienic design”, says Köster.

Scara robots at a glance

  • Flexible usage
  • Solid and fixed arm links, rigid kinematics
  • No overshoot
  • Particularly high repetition accuracy
  • Stable robot arms
  • Fit for high weights (up to approx. 8 kg) with high speed
  • Higher blind spot and space requirement than Delta robots
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