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Smart Machines - intelligent machines of the packaging industry

emkon. SMART Machines

We strive to make the machines more intelligent and simpler for our customers, from the operator up to the plant manager.
That is what we aim for.
Safety guards serve as user interfaces. They show all the relevant production data and give tips and guidance for the operator. With the constant focus on: To increase the production reliability and machine efficiency.
If we are honest, the standard displays are never in the area where they are needed. Therefore, we transfer all information simply onto the existing safety guards. For other applications the “intelligent glass” is already used. So why not in mechanical engineering as well? We are planning to have supporting help videos (e.g. for format changes) directly at the location where the operator has to perform his work. The complete package includes the retrieval of the machine specific consumption data as well as the complete machine documentation.

Ultimately we want to offer to our customers self-learning machines that get smarter step by step. Machines that support the operator in his or her daily work and to bring our customers production to an entirely new level. With our technology we are already able to provide the machine operator and plant manager with a whole set of environmental data such as the exact room temperature, humidity or data regarding the currently produced product as well. Just one practical example: A foil roll comes from a cold warehouse to the production floor and has to be used immediately. The temperature difference will of course have an impact on the production process. With our technology even inexperienced operators directly get instructions and solution proposals to avoid material-related production problems right from the beginning. In the future the self-learning machines are of course expected to make these adjustments independently. For the production the combination of SMART GLASS Displays, artificial neuronal networks and new types of sensors combined with our modular machines will enable an unimagined planning flexibility.

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